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...a little girl aboard an emigration ship discovered a love of drawing and making things as a way to pass the time.  

So began a life-long love of creating, a career in graphic design, and an obsession with pattern and stationery that grew into the creative business that Emma runs today. 

A long time ago, on a journey to far, far away...

Emma’s illustrations and distinctive colour palette, digitally collaged with hand-painted textures, patterns and lettering, are at the heart of the products that she creates from her garden studio in London.  Her designs are full of joyful pastel hues, hand-painted florals and inspiration from the natural world.  

Emma creates illustrations for greetings cards, stationery, editorial, packaging and licensing.  If you have a project you would like to discuss, or view Emma's portfolio, please get in contact.

If you are a retailer interested in stocking Emma's greeting cards, please visit our WHOLESALE page for more information.


We are a small team committed to minimising our impact on our precious planet.   Our products are made in the UK, with care and respect for the environment.   

- We only use FSC-approved board and certified printers so that we know how our paper is sourced and processed

- We print digitally on-demand which avoids waste, the need for storage and saves energy

- We create a fully recyclable product without embellishments* that might prevent recycling through normal channels

- We use recycled envelopes

- We are moving to nested and paper clasped cards to eliminate waste.

We understand that every retailer situation is different. Whilst the industry transitions to a sustainable standard to eliminate the plastic waste associated with the greeting card industry, our cards and envelopes can be supplied nested (with the envelope inside the card), with paper clasps, or in bio-cellophane - please let us know your preference when ordering.

* Christmas cards contain less than 0.1% foil which makes them suitable for recycling through normal channels

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