About Me

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I'm an English illustrator and graphic designer living in London, UK. When I was 9, I won a Raleigh Chopper bicycle in a painting competition and the die for my future was cast.


I have many years experience in corporate graphic design, branding, wedding stationery and web design, with a bit of set painting, prop-making, and wall murals thrown in for good measure. But I've always liked drawing best, so now I do it every day.


I'm lucky enough to work from a studio in my garden. I work mainly with pencil, ink, watercolour, collage, printmaking and silk screen plus a smattering of digital magic to pull it all together.


What else...


  • I work periodically as a support tutor in illustration at a London art school
  • I spent part of my childhood in New Zealand and worked for four years in Vienna
  • ...which is where I acquired my love of coffee
  • My favourite things to draw as a child were mini hotels and travel brochures
  • I have a soft spot for Jack Russell dogs
  • I'm a hoarder of things that I think will one day be artistically useful